Colorful Hair & Sailor Moon Tokyo Street Styles w/ Purple Hair, Green Twin Tails, Handmade Fashion, Tokyo Bopper & Dr. Martens

Easily catching our attention with their colorful fashion at the Bunka Fashion College student festival are Bien and Suzune, whom we often feature on our street snaps.

Sporting long purple hair at the left is Bien, an 18-year-old student. She is wearing a yellow Kaem’s Cloth blazer, which she styled with bejeweled brooches at the lapels. She wore the blazer over a red button down shirt, then donned a Kinji paisley print maxi dress with a high-low hem. Black knee-high lace-up leather boots from Dr. Martens, a gold metallic belt, and a colorblock suede tote bag – bought in Shimokitazawa – with embroidery and ripped details completed her style. Bien loves to shop at RRR and Kobinai, and she enjoys listening to the music of Iz*One and Cameron Boyce. Follow Bien’s style feed on Instagram.

With her green hair styled up in twin tails, Suzune stepped out in handmade layers consisting of a white collared shirt, a pink sweater, and a gingham print Sailor Moon detached collar with green ruffle trims. She also wore a high-waisted denim skirt with contrast pink stitches, donned white tights with green leg warmers, and stepped into a pair of cutout bow shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Pink hair scrunchies and a red Sailor Moon mini tote bag are the finishing touches to her look. Jenny Fax is Suzune’s fashion favorite, and she loves the music of Tempura Kidz. Suzune is also active on Instagram.

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