Colorful Harajuku Styles w/ Chicago, New York Joe, H&M, Yosuke, Puma, One W Oh NASCAR 2000 Jacket, Quicksilver, Pretty Boy Gear Waist Bag & Kobinai

Meet Mai and Yumi, two teens whose sporty streetwear styles easily caught our eye on the Harajuku street one evening. Let’s take a look at their individual ensembles:

At the left is Yumi, sporting a fringed bob. The 17-year-old student stepped out in a blue Puma zipper jacket with white sleeve stripes, which she wore over a resale orange hoodie sweater with kangaroo pockets. Orange plaid pants from Chicago, white socks, and black patent leather baby doll shoes from H&M completed her outfit. In addition, she is carrying a black Pretty Boy Gear waist bag strapped across her chest. Club Sexy is Yumi’s favorite fashion brand, and she likes the music of Jinmenusagi. Follow Yumi on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mai – a 17-year-old student – is wearing a NASCAR 2000 colorblock jacket from One W Oh, worn over a red printed sweatshirt, also from One W Oh. She finished off her style with blue track pants from New York Joe, white platform sneakers from Yosuke, and a black waist bag strapped across her chest from Quicksilver. Accessories from Kobinai include silver chain earrings, a clear kanji pendant necklace, and a blue glitter cocktail ring. Little Sunny Bite and Kobinai are two of Mai’s favorite labels, and she is active on Instagram.

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