Colorful Mixed Prints Street Fashion w/ Angel Blue, Pom Pom Shop, Hysteric Glamour, Haight&Ashbury, Betty’s Blue & Poco a Poco

In Tokyo we met colorfully dressed vintage-loving Bunka Fashion College students 19-year-old Fuki and 20-year-old Haruka. They are editors of the Japanese fashion magazine Fanatic.

At the left, Fuki with twin braids is wearing a quilted vest, which is a piece from her school’s fashion show, an Angel Blue sweatshirt, handmade pink shorts, floral socks over white fishnet stockings, and colorful baby doll sneakers. Her accessories include fuzzy hair ties and a colorful belt. She is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

And at the right with red or pink hair, Haruka is sporting a Pom Pom Shop printed kimono coat over a Hysteric Glamour Pops knit top, a Betty’s Blue printed skirt, Poco a Poco printed socks and denim lace up shoes from Haight & Ashbury. Her accessories include colorful hair falls, a pink neck bow, a pink glitter belt, and a heart necklace. Haruka’s favorite fashion brand is Betty’s Blue and she likes the music of Judy and Mary. For her social media updates, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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