Conceptual Japanese Street Fashion w/ Statement Headpiece, Sheer Cape, Radd Lounge, Creepers & Painted Jeans

It’s hard not to miss Zun420, a 20-year-old comedian whose concept street style definitely caught our attention on the Harajuku street.

Zun420 stepped out in a Radd Lounge outfit consisting of a layered mesh t-shirt, printed denim pants, suede creepers with pink skeleton prints and eyeball lace embellishments, and a dragon print box clutch. He ratcheted up his outfit with handmade and items such as a multi-color and multi-fabric cape, jacket sleeves and hoods, a statement-making toilet seat with cover headpiece, which he embellished with plastic water pumps and hoses, and black patent leather gloves.

Radical and avant-garde streetwear brand, Radd Lounge, is Zun420’s favorite, and he likes the music of Gou Nagabuchi. For more of his concept streetwear styles, follow Zun420 on Instagram.

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