Cute Harajuku Couple Street Style w/ Vannie Tokyo, Candy Stripper & Vivienne Westwood

While walking the street in Harajuku, our attention was caught by 19-year-old Momo-chan, a student, and 20-year-old Yuki. They are wearing interesting and eye-catching blue and red ensembles. Let’s take a peek into what they’re wearing:

Red-haired Momo-chan’s ensemble in varying shades of red include a plaid ruffle blouse and skirt from Vannie Tokyo, white socks, red platform heart sandals from Candy Stripper, and a red leather sling bag which is also from Candy Stripper. Her accessories include plaid hair ribbons, sunglasses, and a red orb watch from Vivienne Westwood. Momo-chan’s favorite fashion brand is Candy Stripper. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Yuki’s blue outfit features resale clothes such as a printed button down shirt and pleated pants. Gap leather slippers, a Gucci clutch, and accessories like sunglasses, hoop earrings, a silver necklace, and a Vivienne Westwood orb watch complete his look. Yuki’s favorite brands are Gucci and Vivienne Westwood and he listens to Triple H. Yuki is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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