Dark Harajuku Styles w/ Body Piercings, Barokue Brain Rings & Demonia Boots

Barokue and Murasazyu caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. This is what we found out about them:

Barokue is an artist who makes fashion accessories. He has two-tone black and blonde hair, eye makeup, black lipstick and piercings. He is wearing a printed hoodie and skirt from Kinji with lace-up boots from Demonia. His accessories – including the brain necklace, brain bracelet, and brain rings – are handmade by himself. Barokue also told us he likes shopping at Never Mind the XU in Harajuku and that he’s active on Instagram and Twitter.

Murasazyu – on the right – is 19 years old. She is wearing an oversized jacket over a mini dress, with knee length striped socks and heels from Body Line. One of her earrings is from VIP while the rest of her accessories are handmade by Barokue. Murasazyu likes the Japanese fashion brand Glad News and she enjoys listening to the visual kei band Plastic Tree. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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