Dark Streetwear Fashion in Harajuku w/ Suede Blazer, GU Sneakers, Outdoor Sling Bag & Purple Glasses

Meet Reon – a 19-year-old cafe staff who easily caught our eye with his purple glasses and dark fashion style.

Reon’s look consists of a black button down shirt with a side pocket, tucked into black pants from GU, and black sneakers, also from GU. He accessorized with purple glasses, a silver layered chain necklace, a black belt, and he wore a black sling bag around his neck. His sling bag is from Outdoor and has band badges pinned on its front pocket. Reon finished off his look with a tan suede blazer.

Reon mentioned that his favorite brands is Faith Tokyo and that he likes the music of Kohh, KiLLa, Nirvana, Blue Hearts and Hide.

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