Dashing Harajuku Guy in Diet Butchet Slim Skin, KTZ & Vintage Loafers

While walking around in the street of Harajuku, we met D, a 21-year-old Japanese talento. He looked dashing in his blue outfit.

D is wearing a paisley print shirt underneath a tuxedo jacket and cropped pants ensemble from Diet Butchet Slim Skin, a cutting enge Japanese brand for contemporary and street wear fashion. His striped socks are from KTZ and he is wearing vintage leather loafers. Accessories include a blue hat, round eyeglasses, a cravat style necktie, a tiny flower lapel pin, and leather gloves.

D loves to shop at Lanvin and Sacai, and he loves listening to the tunes of Taylor Swift. Follow him on his Instagram account for more of his fashionable snaps.

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