Decora in Harajuku w/ Braided Hair Falls, Decora Hair Clips, Tutu, Zebra Print Pants, Flying Tiger & Patent Leather Sneakers

Standing out on the Harajuku street one early evening was Moma in a decora look.

With her hair styled with multicolored decora hair clips, a heart headband and braided hair falls, Moma is dressed in a blue collared long shirt from Savers, a sheer purple tutu skirt, and zebra print wide leg pants, from Sevens and Thank You Mart. She cinched her shirt with a silver heart chain belt, and styled it with decora chains and a My Little Pony plushie keychain. Pink patent leather sneakers with blue glitter laces, and other accessories such as multicolored beaded bracelets, a Disney Princesses watch, and a cute eye ring completed her ensemble. Most of her accessories are from Flying Tiger. Colorful eye makeup and glitter face makeup are the finishing touches to her decora look.

Moma loves listening to the music of Sekai No Owari, and she is active on Instagram.

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