Colorful Harajuku Fashion w/ Rainbow Hair Falls, ACDC Rag Clothing, YRU Platforms, Aika Electronics, 6%DOKIDOKI Bracelet & Handmade Accessories

With a colorful head-to-toe ensemble and rainbow hair falls, it’s hard to miss Dolly on the streets of Harajuku. Dolly is a 27-year-old English teacher who is also a designer.

She stepped out in an ACDC Rag graphic shirt that she paired with a candy print ACDC Rag shorts and YRU lace-up rainbow platforms with mismatched layers of rainbow knee-high socks and candy print socks from ACDC Rag. Her colorful outfit was also decorated with several accessories including a green face mask, aviator sunglasses, a handmade rainbow umbrella and a handmade green bat with lego appliques and stickers. Strapped on her waist is a clear belt bag with Thank You Mart X Hatake Fujimaru accessories. Dolly finished her look with a yellow harness bracelet, green and pink rings, a game necklace, all from Aika Electronics, a 6%DOKIDOKI orange bracelet and a rainbow necklace from her own brand That Rainbow Chick.

Dolly’s favorite brand is ACDC Rag. See more of her colorful style on Instagram and follow her on Twitter and Tik Tok.

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