Dog Harajuku Duo in Colorful Vintage Street Styles w/ Hiroko Koshino, H&M & Gola

While we were walking along the street in Harajuku, we met Katy and Yuki, both of whom work at the famous Dog Harajuku avant-garde fashion boutique. They caught our attention with their eclectic fashion styles. Let’s take a closer look:

At the right, Yuki’s outfit consists of a resale kanji print long shirt over a Koshino Hiroko printed skirt, and lace up suede sneakers from Gola. Her accessories include a bonnet, black earrings, a tattoo choker, and a pendant necklace. Her favorite brand is Dog Harajuku and she is active on Instagram and Twitter.

And at the left, Katy’s ensemble features a resale printed asymmetrical top over an H&M tank top, vintage denim shorts, red socks and vintage shoes. Her accessories include cross earrings, a nose piercing, a tattoo choker, a ball chain necklace, and multiple belts. Katy’s favorite brand is also Dog Harajuku. She is active on Instagram, follow her!

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