Dragon Ball Girls in Matching Harajuku Street Styles

Hitomi (16), Misaki (17), and Gawa (17) easily got our attention on the street in Harajuku. They looked like some kind of Power Puff girls side project in their matching Dragon Ball t-shirts (from GU) and three different colored matching striped pants.

Hitomi is wearing her Dragon Ball t-shirt with red resale pants and resale flame platform sneakers. Her smiley face sackpack is vintage and her favorite shop is the popular resale store Kinji Harajuku. Follow Hitomi on Instagram or Twitter.

In addition to her Dragon Ball t-shirt, Misaki is wearing green resale pants with resale platform boots and a UNIF backpack. Her favorite place to shop is also Kinji Harajuku. Follow Misaki on Instagram or Twitter to see more of her awesomeness.

Gawa’s Dragon Ball t-shirt is worn with orange pants from (ME) Harajuku, Converse low top sneakers, and a sukajan shoulder bag from the Harajuku vintage boutique O Pearl – which is also her favorite shop. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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