DVMVGE, Devilish & KTZ Fashion w/ Blue Hair on the Street in Harajuku

Layla is a 19-year-old fashion student who we sometimes see around the streets of Harajuku.

In addition to a blue hairstyle, Layla’s look includes a brands and media icons graphic sweatshirt by the Taiwanese streetwear brand DVMVGE (Damage) along with short shorts from Glad News, striped knee socks, and Punyus platform shoes. Accessories include a Devilish (also from Taiwan) choker, KTZ beret, DVMVGE headband, DVMVGE garter, and an NBA Brooklyn Nets sackpack.

Layla’s favorite brands include DVMVGE, KTZ, WIA Collections, MYOB NYC, Gucci, Versace, and Moscino. Music likes include EDM and Lady Gaga. Find Layla on Instagram or Twitter for more street style pictures.

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