Eclectic Tokyo Street Style w/ Furry Beret, Rhinestone Earrings, The Four-Eyed Textured Top, Gauntlett Cheng Floral Dress, Vivienne Westwood Handbag & Dr. Martens Boots

Sporting an eye-catching print-on-print streetwear look on the Harajuku street is Yuria, an 18-year-old student.

Yuria stepped out in a brown textured print top from The Four-Eyed, which she wore underneath a floral print zipper dress from Gauntlett Cheng. She stepped into white Dr. Martens mid-calf boots with blue laces, and accessorized with a black furry beret, a nose ring, rhinestone chandelier earrings, a silver skull necklace layered with a heart pendant necklace, and a rhinestone chain bracelet. In addition, Yuria is carrying a black Vivienne Westwood handbag.

Yuria loves to browse at resale shops, and she enjoys the music of Michael Jackson and Grimes. Check out Yuria’s style feed on Instagram.

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