Elleanor in Harajuku w/ Schott Leather Jacket, Bubbles Skirt, Fishnets & Grafea Bag

Elleanor is a 22-year-old Harajuku style icon, model, and punk rocker who we have been shooting for years. We were lucky to street snap Elleanor near Harajuku Station at night this time.

Elleanor is wearing a customized Schott leather motorcycle jacket over a shirt by Elleanor, handcuff necklace, a Bubbles Harajuku leather skirt, o-ring belt, ripped fishnets, and furry Bubbles platform heels. Her leather bag is by Grafea.

Elleanor’s favorite fashion brand is WC Harajuku. She likes the Japanese punk bands Hat Trickers and Questions&Answers. Follow Elleanor on Instagram and Twitter for more pictures of her Tokyo life.

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