Extreme Tokyo Streetwear Style w/ Painted Face, Fenty Puma, Vejas Kruszewski, Converse & Vivienne Westwood

Gracing this site once again is TKM®️freedom, whose bold sartorial sense has been featured before on several occasions.

For this outing, he donned a bomber jacket, which featured white quilted long sleeves, dark blue cuffs, and contrasting red and blue panels. TKM®️freedom wore it over a Champion graphic top and a black hoodie with zipper trim. He also wore Fenty Puma by Rihanna blue checkered track pants with contrasting dark blue snap button plackets. The 21-year-old graphic designer tucked his pants into pink socks and Superman Converse high-top sneakers with a Superman graphic print. Strapped across his back is a Vejas Kruszewski black backpack. He styled his look with a green knit beanie, colorful eye makeup, pink lips, an oversized hoop earring, a silver chain necklace with pendants, and multiple chunky rings. His accessories are from Vivienne Westwood.

TKM®️freedom gets his fashion favorites from Radd Lounge and is an avid fan of musical artist Miyuki Nakajima. Follow him on Instagram for his social media updates.

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