#f606 Japanese Pop Idol Street Style w/ Modern Bowl Cut, Lili by Seri Geometric Earrings, Lilien, Bed Mini Dress, Mukzin & Yosuke Platform High Tops

One afternoon on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Kashiko, a member of Japanese pop idol group, #f606.

Sporting a sleek bowl cut, Kashiko is dressed in a monochrome printed mini dress, which features black piping details and red cutout shoulders. The dress is sourced from Bed, a vintage shop in Shimokitazawa. Kashiko paired her dress with red socks and white platform sneakers from Yosuke. She embellished her ensemble with accessories such as a black mask, silver ear cuffs, red geometric earrings from Lili by Seri, a vintage pendant necklace and colorful rings from Lilien. In addition, Kashiko is carrying a printed satin reversible tote bag from Mukzin.

Kashiko lists Mukzin, Pameo Pose and HEIHEI as her favorite fashion brands. For Kashiko on Twitter and Instagram.

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