Faith Tokyo Beret, UNIF “Hell Is People” T-Shirt, Ader Error, Mixxmix, Oh Pearl, Romantic Standard & Bubbles in Harajuku

In Harajuku, we came across Yuka, an 18-year-old student sporting ash grey hair and a striking black ensemble.

Yuka stepped out in a black Hell Is People t-shirt from UNIF, worn over a sheer printed sweatshirt from Romantic Standard and paired with a black denim skirt from MixxMix. She donned blue Ader Error ribbed socks, stepped into black suede lace-up boots from Bubbles, and completed her look with accessories such as a black beret, silver drop earrings, a butterfly necklace, and a silver o-ring chain belt, and silver knuckle rings. Most of her accessories are from Faith Tokyo. In addition, Yuka is wearing a blue clear sling bag with a rhinestone chain strap from Oh Pearl.

Yuka loves to shop at UNIF, and she enjoys listening to Black Pink and K-pop music. For her social media updates, follow Yuka on Instagram.

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