Fanatic Tokyo Girls in Colorful Harajuku Street Fashion w/ Kinji Vintage, Kurumiya, Big Time, Angel Blue & Takenoko

The four girls who produce Fanatic Tokyo Magazine always catch our eye in Harajuku with their colorful street styles. They are Rizna, Fuki, Mei and Haruka, all 19-year-old students. Let’s take a look at their ensembles:

At the far left with green hair, Mei’s outfit consists of a blue Kinji shirt underneath a paisley print denim jumper dress from Kurumiya, yellow fishnet socks, Asakusa sneakers, and a resale pink polka dot bag. Her accessories – some from Laichi – include a blue fascinator headband and blue flower earrings. Mei’s favorite brands are Southpaw and Daidai and she likes the music of Ai Otsuka. Follow her on Instagram.

At the center with the yellow bag, Rizna is wearing a checkered cut out shoulder blouse from Big Time, a long denim ruffle skirt from Petit Cochon, Y.R.U. platform sandals, and a wide denim o-ring belt. Her accessories (from Big Time) include gold hoop earrings, a floral scarf, a purple beaded necklace, and a heart ring. Her favorite fashion brand is Punk Cake and she listens to Rihanna. Follor her on Instagram!

At the center with black and pink hair, Fuki’s look features a pink Angel Blue t-shirt, denim overalls with patches, also from Angel Blue, platform shoes from Tokyo Bopper, and an orange Nike backpack. Her only accessory is a handmade knit scarf. Fuki loves listening to the music of Ringo Shiina. Fuki is active on Twitter and Instagram.

And at the right most side, Haruka’s outfit consists of a handmade button down shirt over fishnet sleeves, a red ruffle skirt from Takenoko, fishnet stockings, platform sneakers from Nadia, and a red, fuzzy bag from Diesel. She accessorized with a red necklace and butterfly rings from Juxtaposition. Haruka’s favorite brands are Punk Cake, Haruno and Bed and she likes the music of Juicy Fruits and Judy and Mary. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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