Fashion Student with Aqua-Streaked Hair, Black Lipstick, Shield Visor Sunglasses, Oh Pearl Satin Blazer, RRR Metallic Pants, Drawstring Backpack & Patent Platforms

Meet Saika, an 18-year-old student whose aqua-streaked hair and shiny outfit easily caught our eye at the Vantan Fashion College entrance ceremony.

Saika stepped out in a light blue satin blazer from Oh Pearl, worn over a black satin button down shirt, and paired with metallic silver pants with contrast pink stitching from RRR. She tucked her satin shirt into the pants, cinched it with a dark pink sash, and finished off her outfit with black patent leather platform shoes and a black drawstring backpack. Saika embellished her look with accessories such as yellow shield visor sunglasses and multiple silver knuckle rings. Black eye makeup and black lipstick are the finishing touches to her look.

Saika likes to listen to the music of She’s and Pelican Fan Club, and she is active on Instagram.

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