Floral Print Yukata in Harajuku w/ Goro’s Jewelry & Valentino Studded Clutch Bag

While we were walking on the street in Harajuku, our attention was caught by Ivan Cyrus, a 22-year-old welder wearing a traditional Japanese yukata.

Blonde-haired Ivan’s ensemble features a dark blue floral print yukata with a denim-like obi belt, geta sandals, a white Goro’s sling pouch, and a Valentino studded leather clutch. His accessories – from Goro’s – include a leather rope necklace with silver beads and silver feather pendants, and a silver wrist watch.

Goro’s and Hare are two of Ivan’s favorite fashion brands while he loves the music of Japanese punk rock band, Wanima. Follow him on Twitter!

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