Fresh Anti Youth Streetwear Producers in Harajuku w/ George Cox, X-Girl, Supreme, Fray I.D., New Rock & Vintage Fashion

While in Harajuku, we met Kenji, a model and choreographer, and purple-haired Urumi, a model and shop staff. Together they are the producers of the streetwear brand Fresh Anti Youth. This time, they caught our eye with their black and white street styles. Let’s take a closer look:

Kenji’s all black look consists of a vintage Japanese souvenir jacket (sukajan) over a t-shirt, cuffed pants, white socks and George Cox creepers. His accessories include silver hoop earrings, a ball chain necklace, and black suspenders. His favorite fashion brands are M.Y.O.B. and UNIF. For his social media updates, follow Kenji on Instagram.

Urumi’s style features a white X-Girl t-shirt dress, Supreme socks, New Rock boots, and a Fray I.D. sling bag. Her accessories include a silver chain necklace, a silver ring, and a black grommet belt. Urumi’s favorite brands are UNIF, Supreme, M.Y.O.B. and Stussy and she likes rap music. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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