Funky Street Styles in Harajuku w/ Dresscamp, Converse, Tokyo Human Experiments, Venturer, Dogtown & Nike

At the front of The Body Shop in Harajuku street, we met 19-year-old Raw and 23-year-old Yuuta, a Kinji shop staff. These two are regularly featured on our Harajuku street snaps because of their stylish streetwear outfits.

Wearing an orange knit beanie hat, Raw’s style consists of a handmade yellow collar shirt with kanji print, studs and mesh detailing, red floral print pants from Dresscamp, and black denim Converse sneakers with studs. His accessories include black sunglasses, mismatched earrings, a gold watch, Tokyo Human Experiments rings, and a striped belt. Raw told us that his favorite brand is Dog Harajuku, and that he likes the music of Deformed Nippon. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

At the right, Yuuta is wearing a Venturer Fetty Wap t-shirt, denim pants from Dogtown, and Nike black sneakers. Accessories such as a bucket hat with colorful badges, silver hoop earrings, labret piercings, layered necklaces, a black belt, and a wallet chain. Yuuta likes all fashion brands, and he likes the music of Fetty Wap. For his updates, follow Yuuta on Twitter and Instagram.

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