Garb Designer in Harajuku w/ Prince Lyrics Graffiti Jacket, Remake Hoodie & Painted Sneakers

Jacob is the designer of the Los Angeles handmade and remake fashion brand Garb. We met him on the street in Harajuku while he was in Tokyo for a Garb popup shop at the famous LaForet Harajuku department store.

Jacob’s look here features a hand painted leather jacket with Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” lyrics on the front and back over a Garb remake hoodie with denim sleeves, Nike pants, hand painted Garb sneakers, and a Garb tote bag. His sunglasses are vintage.

Follow Jacob on Instagram for more information on Garb. If you’re in Japan, stop by the Garb popup at LaForet Harajuku 2nd floor until January 4, 2018.

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