Harajuku Girls in Hats w/ Cecil McBee Jumpsuit, Chanel, Marc Jacobs & Vivienne Westwood

We spotted hat-wearing Kirin and Mirebon in Harajuku and they were kind enough to stop for a few quick street snaps.

Pictured to the left is Kirin, a 17-year-old student. She’s wearing a black jumpsuit over a white top (both from Cecil McBee) and cross strap heels. Her quilted backpack is Chanel and her watch is Marc Jacobs. She also told us that she’s a Taylor Swift fan. For even more pictures of Kirin, check out her personal Instagram.

The girl in the right is Mirebon and she’s 19. She’s wearing a little black dress with a white collar and a red cardigan on top. Her heart-shaped bag is by Vivienne Westwood, who is Mirebon’s favorite fashion designer. We also noticed her round sunglasses, rhinestone rings, nail art, pom pom socks and lace-up ankle boots.

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