Goth Harajuku Street Styles w/ Corsets, My Melody Bag & 6%DOKIDOKI

Saki and Aoki are two 17-year-old students in dark street styles who we met in Harajuku.

Saki is pictured to the right, with twin tails and red makeup. She is wearing a BodyLine corset dress over a white shirt, loafers and striped socks. She carries a My Melody handbag and she accessorized with a heart ring from 6%DOKIDOKIand more pieces from BodyLine. Saki likes shopping at Milklim and Sevens, and she’s a SiM fan. Find her on Twitter for updates.

Aoki – pictured to the left – is wearing a midi black dress from her favorite shop, [me], with a bag from Chacott and cross strap shoes from Esperanza. Her accessories are from Rakuten. Aoki likes listening to Mejibray and Reol, and she’s also on Twitter.

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