Goth Punk Tokyo Street Style w/ Cyber Hair, Cracked Makeup, Disturbia Clothing Spiked Choker, Tattoo Sleeve Shirt, Punk Rave Harness Dress, Fishnets & Demonia

Easily catching our attention in Harajuku is Mi-Yu, the singer-songwriter we regularly feature in our street snaps.

This evening, Mi-Yu – sporting bold pink hair with blue streaks – is clad in an all black goth outfit. Her ensemble consists of a sheer tattoo sleeve shirt, which she wore underneath a black tube dress with sheer skirt panels and harness straps from Punk Rave. She donned black socks over fishnet tights and stepped into a pair of black platform boots from Demonia. Complementing her gothic cracked lip and eye makeup are accessories such as silver earrings, a spiked leather choker from Disturbia Clothing and a silver barbwire chain necklace with a lock accent.

Mi-Yu lists Damage and Punk Rave as her favorite fashion brands and she is active on Instagram.

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