Gothic Lolita Fashion in Harajuku w/ H.Naoto, Axes Femme, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Victorian Maiden, Abilletage, Yosuke & Artherapie

While on the street in Harajuku, we met Kanae (right), a 20-year-old student and Ruru (left), a fashion creator/owner of the brand Chante. They caught our attention with their gothic lolita fashion styles. Let’s take a closer look:

At the left, Ruru’s dark lolita look features a ruffled coat, a corset top and asymmetrical skirt, all of which are from h.Naoto. Graphic stockings, doll shoes bought in Harajuku, a blue handbag from Axes Femme, and accessories such as a handmade plushie muffler, a floral headpiece, and handmade flower rings bought at an event complete her ensemble. Ruru likes to listen to rock and classic music. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for her social media updates.

Akama is wearing a blazer from Comme Ca Du Mode over a ruffle corset top from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, a Victorian Maiden ruffle skirt, platform heels from Yosuke USA, printed stockings from Abilletage, and a red handbag from Artherapie. Her accessories include a lace headband, earrings from Cerl + S, a black floral ring, and a heart ring. Akama’s favorite fashion brands are Anna Sui and Artherapie and she listens to the music of Ali and Kalafina. She is active on Twitter.

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