Gothic Halloween Street Style w/ Pastel Half Color Hair, Bunny Ears Top Hat, Red Contacts, Pumpkin Bag, Killstar Skull Bag, Kiki-Rara Shoten, Sheglit & Dangerous Nude

Meet Mansuke, whose was in Harajuku attending a Halloween party thrown by the subculture brand shop Noble Noire.

Sporting pastel mint and purple hair, Mansuke stepped out in a black textured coat from Kiki-Rara Shoten, which features lace trims and spooky Halloween embellishments. She wore the coat over a white collared shirt and a Sheglit monochrome print corset, which she both styled with a blue-and-yellow striped neck bow. She also donned a black Dangerous Nude skirt, which features striped hems and red velvet trims. Manuka stepped into black buckle boots and finished off her outfit with a skull bag from Killstar. She added accessories such as a black top hat with furry rabbit ears, black goggles, leather finger gloves and a pumpkin bag. Red eye makeup with red contacts and purple lipstick are the finishing touches to her Halloween look.

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