Gothic Harajuku Street Style w/ Wakana Brooch, Halo Headpiece, Corset, Conpeitou, 天才TADACy & Anna Sui

Yamazaki2Gou is a Japanese apparel staffer who is a regular in Harajuku. We see her every week around the streets, often hanging out with her gothic friends.

Her look here features purple eye makeup with a Yumetenbo dress, a statement headpiece, a corset, rings by independent Japanese accessory brand Conpeitou, other accessories by 天才TADACy (Tensai Tadacy) and Anna Sui, and platform heels. Yamazaki2Gou is wearing a brooch that is a tribute to WAKANA – a popular personality in the Japanese gothic scene for the two decades and the owner of the Harajuku goth boutique Noble Noire – who passed away recently.

Yamazaki2Gou’s favorite shop is Wakana’s boutique and brand Noble Noire and she loves the music of Lady Gaga. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter for more of her fashion and Harajuku life.

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