Gothic Japanese Steampunk Fashion w/ Face Mask, Bonnet, Floral Headpiece, Ruffle Shirt, Asymmetrical Skirt & Boots

Standing out in front of Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku is this person wearing all black steampunk-inspired ensemble.

Sporting an ash grey bob with short bangs, they stepped out in a long-sleeved ruffle blouse, which features extra long flared sleeves with scalloped trims and a ruff lace collar. They tucked the blouse into a zip-up asymmetrical handkerchief skirt and donned black tights with lace trimmings. They stepped into a pair of lace-up boots and finished off their style with a bonnet hat with pleated trims, a floral hairpiece, a steampunk mask, a leather harness, and a pair of 4-fingered gloves.

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