Gothic Japanese Street Style in Harajuku w/ Miho Matsuda, Alice And The Pirates & Kera Shop

Meet Ao-san, a Japanese guy in his 20’s whose works in the fashion industry. Today, his eye-catching outfit easily drew our eyes on him on the busy streets of Harajuku.

Ao-san is dressed in a black vest from Japanese gothic designer Miho Matsuda, worn over a beige sheer patterned shirt from Alice And The Pirates, which features a ruffled turtleneck collar with bow embellishments. He styled his tops with a long black maxi skirt – also from Miho Matsuda, and slipped into black leather cone-heel booties with tassels from Attagirl. His accessories include a black suede hat with feather embellishments, mismatched earrings from Kera Shop, and a silver knuckle ring from Miho Matsuda. In addition, Ao-san is carrying a black, floral-embossed clasp handbag from Miho Matsuda with a lace-up detail.

Gothic and Lolita brand, Miho Matsuda, and Alice And The Pirates, are two of Ao-san’s favorite labels, and he likes the music of Ali Project.

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