Gothic Japanese Street Styles w/ Mad Punks, Glavil, Killstar, Demonia, Brindle, Hellcat Punks, Algonquins, Deorart, Teddy Monster, Fernopaa & Yosuke

Serving up double trouble on the street were Remon and Yukachin, whose coordinating gothic fashion caught our eye in Harajuku.

On the left is Remon in a black-and-red goth inspired ensemble. The 17-year-old student wore a red plaid top from Mad Punks with a black ruffle skirt from Glavil. She also wore black fishnet stockings and Rob Zombie knee socks with her Demonia lace-up platform shoes. On her thigh is a black garter with three syringes, while strapped on one shoulder is a black printed bag from Killstar. Her accessories – some of them from Claire’s – include fingerless gloves, studded leather cuffs, and bracelets with chains. She also wore a black leather choker from Hellcat Punks, a chain necklace with a red cross pendant from Glavil, and rings from Brindle. Red lips and two-tone hair in twin tails adorned with black ribbons finished off her look. Remon likes shopping at Killstar and listening to Sheena Ringo, R Sound Design, and vocaloid. For more on Remon, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Yukachin stepped out in a white graphic print top from Algonquins over a black-and-white striped sleeveless top. She also wore a Deorart ruffle skirt with wide black and red stripes. Yukachin paired her Yosuke platform creepers with black-and-white knee socks. The Teddy Monster black bag she carried was decorated with eyeballs and torn red cloth strips. Her accessories – most of them from Fernopaa – include a studded cuff, an eyeball bracelet, a red leather cuff, solid black and striped sleeves, a studded choker, a chain necklace with a pendant, a large black chain necklace with a red cross pendant, a red plaid belt with metal O rings, and an assortment of rings. She completed her look with red lips and twin tails adorned with red plaid ribbons. Yukachin’s favorite music genre is visual-kei, and she also posts social media updates on Instagram.

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