Gothic Lolita Fashion in Harajuku w/ Ozz Oneste & Yosuke Platform Shoes

Meet Sayuri, a 22-year-old shop staff who caught our eye on the Harajuku street with her gothic Lolita fashion style.

Sayuri’s Lolita style features a long sleeve ruffle blouse with a button up lace turtleneck style and tiered ruffle sleeves from gothic fashion label Ozz Oneste, and a ruffle jumperskirt with contrasting white prints along the skirt hem. She styled her outfit with a vintage leather corset, black knee-high socks, and platform baby doll shoes from Yosuke. She is carrying a leather tote bag from Ozz Oneste, with studs and embellishments, and she finished off her look with silver earrings and knuckle rings.

Sayuri told us that her favorite brands are Alonquins, Sex Pot Revenge, Ozz Oneste and HellcatPunks, and that she likes listening to Acid Black Cherry and Hey! Say! Jump. For her social media updates, check out Sayuri on Twitter!

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