Green-Haired Blanco Hairstylist in Vintage Tan Suit, Opening Ceremony Top, Nike Sneakers & Gucci Accessories

While in Harajuku we spotted Kenta, who was difficult to miss with his green hair and oversized tan suit.

The 22-year-old Blanco hairstylist was clad in a vintage tan blazer with wide lapels and a double-breasted silhouette. He wore it with matching vintage tan pants, which were cinched at the waist with a black leather belt. Kenta styled his suit with a white collared shirt under a green Opening Ceremony top. He also wore white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and dark sunglasses. Cropped green hair, silver hoop earrings, and Gucci accessories provided the finishing touches to his look.

Kenta loves shopping at The Four-Eyed and Diff Limen. He also enjoys listening to music from KOHH. Follow Kenta on Instagram.

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