GVGV Lace-up Bomber Jacket, Knit Shorts & Pom Pom Platforms in Harajuku

Miyasan is a stylish 21-year-old girl we spotted in Harajuku recently. She has a cute bob hairstyle and she gave us her personal Twitter.

Miyasan is wearing a G.V.G.V. “lace up” MA-1 bomber jacket over a turtleneck and knitted crop top, which she got from sretsis and Todayful, respectively. Her knitted shorts are Ginger Ale, worn over tights. Her black bag is from me&me couture and her platform loafers with pompoms are from G.V.G.V. She is also wearing flower and pompom earrings.

Miyasan mentioned that she likes the fashion brands G.V.G.V. ,sretsis and American Apparel, and that she enjoys hardcore music.

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