Halloween Eve in Japan – 150 Halloween Costume Pictures

Halloween starts early in Japan! October 31st is the biggest celebration, but as soon as Tokyo Disneyland kicks off their Halloween festivities around the beginning of October, you begin to see people in Halloween costumes around the streets of central Tokyo. In the week before Halloween, there are parties and other events around Tokyo encouraging people to dress up and have fun.

This year, the night before Halloween fell on a Friday, so there were lots of parties all over Tokyo. As we’ve been doing for years, we headed out to celebrate Halloween Eve on the streets of Shibuya. The Halloween Eve street party wasn’t quite as crazy as things will be on Halloween night, but even on the night before Halloween thousands of people flooded into the streets of Shibuya in costume, and everyone was having a great time.

Please check out our 150 pictures of Halloween Eve on the streets of Shibuya – and then get ready for our massive Halloween in Tokyo video and picture post coming tomorrow!!!

Click on any Shibuya Halloween photo to enlarge it.

Happy Halloween everyone and a big thank you to all of the fun people we met on the street in Shibuya on Halloween Eve 2015!

All photos by Kira.

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