Handmade Harajuku Kids Fashion w/ Plaid Mask, Gameboy Pixel Bead Necklace, Quilted Sweater, Plaid Skirt, Franky Grow Sweatshirt, Rainbow Bag & New Balance Sneakers

While out and about on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Ayuru, a 7-year-old dressed in an adorable street style look.

Ayuru stepped out in a red-themed outfit consisting of mostly handmade pieces. Her ensemble features a handmade quilted sweater with fuzzy sleeves, which she wore over a red Frankygrow sweatshirt and paired with a red handmade plaid skirt. She donned white tights with yellow squares print, wore pink New Balance sneakers and finished off her cute look with a handmade rainbow crossbody bag. Ayuru topped off her style with handmade accessories such as a red plaid mask, a printed bow necklace, a Gameboy pixel bead necklace, a couple of cute hair ties worn on her wrists, a Kawaii Monster Cafe eyeball bow, and a pink cat head keychain plushie.

Frankygrow Concept Shop is one of Ayuru’s favorite fashion brands for kids. Follow Ayuru on Instagram for more of her adorable kids streetwear styles.

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