Harajuku Avant-Garde Streetwear w/ Safety Pin Headpiece, Dog Harajuku, Heron Preston & Dolls Kill

We came across 18-year-old student Kanji, who made quite the impression in Harajuku with his striking avant-garde street style.

He stepped out in a silver jacket from Dog Harajuku over a black graphic tee from Heron Preston. Kanji also wore Dolls Kill pants and Dog Harajuku multicolored dragon print shoes. He styled them with white rope sleeves and multicolored ties, a silver telephone crossbody bag, and a black leather choker with metal O rings. Kanji also wore layered necklaces including a large silver chain, a silver key necklace, and a gold chain with a large red pendant. He finished off his look with yellow sunglasses and a headpiece made entirely out of safety pins.

Kanji’s favorite fashion designer is Iris Van Herpen, and he posts social media updates on Instagram and Twitter.

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