Harajuku Girls in Hats w/ Aymmy in the Batty Girls, Merry Jenny, Kaorinomori & Override

While walking through the streets of Harajuku, we came up A-ya and Kanae Uza, both are 20 years old and works as staff members of BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYS.

A-ya (on the left) wore a red t-shirt from merry jenny, a long navy blue pleated skirt from Uniqlo, Kaorinomori denim tote, and high top sneakers from Converse. Her accessories include a denim cap from Aymmy, a choker from me%, and denim tassel earrings. A-ya loves shopping at used/resale shops and Aymmy. She loves listening to BiSH and Keytalk. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more of her info.

Kanae (on the right) is wearing a resale polka dot dress, resale silver glitter sneakers with white socks, and Kaorinomori denim tote bag. Her accessories include a straw top hat from Override, oversized eyeglasses, a choker necklace, flower earrings, multiple rings, and red ribbons for her twin braids. Kanae loves shopping at Panama Boy, Chicago and resale shops. Her favorite bands are BiSH and Block B. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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