Harajuku Girls in Black Lace Pants w/ Kinji, WEGO, Yosuke, WC & Spinns

We met students Koharu and Ayaka while walking in the street in Harajuku. Koharu is 19 years old while Ayaka is 18.

Koharu (on the left) is wearing a resale camisole top over a pink sweater from Kinji, black lace pants from WEGO, a white backpack with black laces from WEGO, and platform sandals from Yosuke. Koharu loves shopping at E hyphen world gallery and BonBon.

Ayaka (right) is wearing a pink shirt from WC, black lace pants, a black satin ruffle bag from Spinns, and platform creepers she bought on Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Dori street. Ayaka loves listening to K-pop.

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