Harajuku Boy Group in Outerwear Street Styles w/ CDG, Adidas, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Vans, Dr. Martens, New Balance, Porter, LV, Versace & Fulioati

This group of teenage boys sporting different outerwear styles caught our eye in the Harajuku. Let’s take a look at their individual fashion styles, from left to right:

At the left sporting a blue ensemble, 18-year-old Y is wearing a blue cut out shoulder long sleeve top over a blue blazer, which he wore over a light blue shirt from Christian Dior. He completed his outfit with Adidas track pants, Vans checkered sneakers, and a black sling bag from Porter. He accessorized with round eyeglasses, silver earrings, and a striped necktie. Y’s favorite brand is Comme des Garcons and he loves the music of Creephyp. Y is active on Twitter, follow him!

17-year-old Takuto’s outfit consists of a black coat over a white collar shirt and printed t-shirt, both of which are from Comme des Garcons. He finished off his look with orange pants from New Balance, Dr. Martens lace up shoes, and orange-tinted glasses. Takuto’s favorite brand is Dr. Martens and he likes listening to Big Bang.

At the middle, 18-year-old Syozo is wearing a vintage black coat with safety pin embellishments, a gray sweatshirt with printed long sleeves from Comme des Garcons, printed pants – also from Comme des Garcons – and a pair of metallic platform boots. He accessorized with Vivienne Westwood knuckle rings on both hands. Syozo told us that his favorite fashion label is Comme des Garcons.

Wearing an all black outfit, 18-year-old Gaku ensemble features a Comme des Garcons Homme Deux blazer layered with a resale Adidas jacket, Comme des Garcons Homme Deux pants, black socks, and Comme des Garcons leather loafers with red ruffle details. He accessorized with a vintage leather belt, and is carrying an oversized Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tote bag. Gaku’s favorite brands include YSL, Balenciaga and CDG. Check out Gaku on Instagram for more of his info.

Last but not the least, 17-year-old Keiko is wearing a vintage fur coat worn over one shoulder, a nude diaphanous button down shirt, black leather pants, and leather ankle boots. His accessories include a black Nyulycadelic beret, a Louis Vuitton ribbon necklace, a Versace leather belt with a lion head buckle, multiple Tokyo Human Experiments knuckle rings, and he is carrying a camouflage print handbag from Fulioati. He told us that he enjoys the music of The Beatles. Keiko is active on Twitter, follow him!

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