Harajuku Casual Streetwear Style w/ Man Bun, Colorblock Jacket, NYPD Hoodie, Leaf Print Pants, Adidas Sneakers & Thrasher Leopard Print Bag

Meet Hiroki, a 19-year-old model whom we came across on the Harajuku street while out and about.

Sporting a man bun with an undercut, Hiroki is clad in a colorblocked bomber jacket, worn over a black NYPD hoodie sweater and paired with leaf print drawstring skinny pants. White socks, dark grey Adidas sneakers, and a leopard print Thrasher waist bag slung across his chest completed his style.

Nike and Gucci are two of Hiroki’s favorite fashion brands, and he likes listening to the music of Migos. For more on Hiroki, follow him on Instagram.

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