Harajuku Duo in Color-Coordinated Fashion w/ Kinji, Faith Tokyo, Vivienne Westwood & Thank You Mart

We spotted Japanese teenagers Moe and Rui roaming Harajuku in their color-coordinated street styles.

15-year-old Moe donned a resale cable knit sweater with green-and-brown embroidery and contrasting red long sleeves. She styled it with a red skirt from Kinji and black leather lace-up boots from Dr. Martens. Strapped across her chest is a heart-shaped bag from Vivienne Westwood. She finished off her look with red lips, resale accessories, and pieces from Thank You Mart.

Moe’s favorite resale shop is Kinji Harajuku. She also enjoys listening to music from Kyary Pamyu, Sekai No Owari, and Radwimps. Follow Moe on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Rui donned a resale dark brown velour blazer and white turtleneck top. Rui also wore Forever 21 black track pants with contrasting red stripes on the sides and snap button closures. He capped off his look with a Faith Tokyo black leather fanny pack strapped across his chest and Vans black-and-white sneakers.

Rui counts Faith Tokyo as his favorite fashion brand. He also loves listening to music from Big Bang and iKon. He is also on Instagram.

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