Harajuku Guys’ Color-Coordinated Street Styles w/ Kimono Jacket, Handmade Fashion, Levi’s Cuffed Pants, Remake Converse Sneakers & Alter Venomv Strawberry Boots

While out on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Yusaku and Shoma, two Japanese students sporting color-coordinated outfits that caught our eye.

At the left is Yusaku wearing a dark red floral print kimono jacket, which he wore over a resale red button down shirt. He styled his shirt with a red polka dot necktie, donned handmade linen shorts, wore red ribbed socks and stepped into strawberry print boots from Alter Venomv. Yusaku accentuated his look with resale accessories such as a cream beret, round eyeglasses, a grey face mask, a rope belt and a beaded bracelet. Follow Yusaku’s style feed on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Shoma stepped out in an all white outfit consisting of a button down shirt with cuffed sleeves, Levi’s cuffed pants, white ribbed socks and black remake Converse sneakers. The 21-year-old student added red accents to his outfit such as a red bucket hat, a fringed neck scarf and a red duffel bag. He also wore accessories such as round eyeglasses, a white face mask, a black leather belt, beaded bracelets and a denim Pasmo case. Shoma mentioned that he loves to shop at resale boutiques.

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