Harajuku Trio in Colorful Mixed Prints Street Styles w/ Kinji, Peco Club, New York Joe, WEGO, Disney, Bubbles, Kenzo, RRR & New Balance

While walking along the street in Harajuku, we came across this trio of girls who caught our attention with their colorful mixed prints fashion. From left to right, they are: Emiry, a 19-year-old student; Rimariri, a 20-year-old Kinji staff; and Natuwo, an 18-year-old fashion college student. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits:

Twin-tailed Emiry is wearing a Peco Club fuzzy tank top over a vintage heart print shirt, pink satin pants from New York Joe, WEGO sneakers, and a Disney bunny sling bag. Her accessories include purple hair ties, a rainbow tattoo choker, a pink belt from RRR, and a fuzzy bracelet. Emiry’s favorite brands are Pameo Pose and RRR, and she likes the music of Block B, Seventeen, Twice, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

At the middle sporting two-tone hair, Rimariri’s ensemble consists of a floral print ruffle top from Kenzo over a floral print sweatshirt from Kinji, yellow drawstring shorts from Kinji, red socks, and red sneakers from New Balance. Rimariri’s favorite brands/shops are Gucci and resale shops and she loves the music of Katy Perry. She is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

And lastly, Natuwo’s look features vintage clothing items such as a pink houndstooth print shirt, a blue pencil skirt, black lace socks, and platform shoes from Bubbles. Her accessories include a pink belt, and a quilted round sling bag. Natuwo’s favorite fashion brand is G2? and she likes to listen to My Hair is Bad. For her social media updates, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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