Harajuku Girl in Colorful Vintage Fashion w/ Bubbles, Calvin Klein, Adidas & UFO Catcher Bag

While walking on the street in Harajuku, our attention was caught by pink-haired Remi wearing a colorful resale and vintage look.

Remi’s eclectic styled outfit consists of a resale printed cardigan over a lace cropped top and spaghetti top from Bubbles Harajuku and Calvin Klein, resale denim shorts under a vintage plaid skirt, Adidas sandals, and a cute sling bag from a UFO Catcher. Her accessories – some of which are resale – include round sunglasses, a flower beaded choker necklace, and a gold ring.

Remi loves to browse through vintage shops, and she likes to listen to the music of Oasis. Follow her on Instagram.

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