Harajuku Girls in Colorful Vintage Mixed Prints & Layered Fashion w/ Big Time, Petit Cochon, Tokyo Bopper & DaiDai

This trio of 19-year-old fashion students – Haruka (left), Rizna (middle), and Fuki (right) – are publishers on the Japanese street fashion magazine Fanatic Tokyo. When we spotted them on the street in Harajuku, they caught our eye with their colorful mixed prints fashion styles. They are , all 19-year-olds. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits:

At the left, Haruka is wearing a long printed flared sleeve top and denim bell bottom pants, both from Big Time, platform sneakers from Nadia, and accessories such as a red hat, layered necklaces from Juxtaposition, a teal belt, star earrings, and rings from Swimmer. Haruka’s favorite fashion shops/brands are Punk Cake and Bed J.W. Ford and she likes the music of Judy and Mary and The Blue Hearts. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Red-haired Rizna’s outfit consists of a printed layered tops from Petit Cochon, green houndstooth print skirt from Chicago, and platform baby doll shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Her accessories – some are hane-me-downs – include a hair bow and hair clips, bead earrings, and a black belt. Rizna’s favorite vintage shop is Punk Cake and she listens to Twerk. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And finally at the right, Fuki’s ensemble features a denim jumper dress from children’s Daiei over printed tops and layered tights, and printed sneakers bought at a sporting goods store. She accessorized with a belt from DaiDai. Her favorite brand is her own, fuki_nishiya, which just launched. Her favorite music artist is Ringo Shiina. Follow her on instagram.

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