Harajuku Cyber Style w/ Pen & Lolly, CyberDog, Gas Mask & Hair Falls

With their colored cyber hairstyles and cyber fashion, these two girls were hard to miss walking around the streets of Harajuku together.

Mika – pictured to the left – is 19 years old and she’s a student. She is wearing layered tops with a ruffled handmade skirt and an Anna Sui car-shaped purse. She has pink and yellow hair falls in her twin tails, a plastic choker, faux-fur arm and leg warmers, as well as over the knee socks. She told us her accessories are handmade and that she likes shopping at Isetan. Find out more about her from her Twitter.

The girl with green hair falls, gas mask, and goggles is also a student – and she’s 20. She’s wearing a resale jacket over a crop top, a Pen & Lolly skirt and CyberDog suspender legwarmers. She told us her accessories are handmade.

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