Harajuku Dancer in Plaid Suit Fashion w/ Jean-Paul Knott, UNIQLO, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Celine, Diesel & Tiffany

While taking a walk down the Harajuku street, we met Osamu, a 25-year-old dancer who definitely caught our eye with his striking plaid fashion style.

Osamu’s ensemble features a plaid suit from Belgian fashion designer, Jean-Paul Knott. He wore his suit with a black turtleneck sweater from Uniqlo and Nike sneakers as his choice of footwear. For accessories, Osamu wore a black knit beanie hat, gauged earrings, silver ear cuffs and earrings on the left ear and gold earrings on the other, Celine eyeglasses, a gold pendant necklace from Burberry, a watch with a blue wristband, a gold bracelet, and multiple rings, including a Diesel knuckle ring and a Tiffany horseshoe ring. He finished off with a Fendi scarf and a plaid tote bag from Ralph Lauren.

Check out Osamu’s stylish feed and his updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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